The Campus Center is the living from room for the Bridgewater State College campus community.  This blog shares our student stories of their lives and experiences as they commute to and live at BSC!

The Bloggers:

Karoline Zacharer (class of 2013)
I am a freshman from Lowell, MA and am a Communications major here at BSC.  I am a resident student, currently living in Shea/Durgin Hall.  I love going to school here…everything is awesome: the classes, the people, the opportunities!  After college, I hope to be a sports broadcaster, and right now I broadcast Bridgewater’s football and basketball games with Bears Sports Network.  Some of my favorite things include: skiing, ice cream, the beach, the Red Sox, reading, old movies, mountains, and traveling.  I have my own blog and you can also follow me on Twitter.

Kayla Harvey (class of 2013)
Hi! I’m a freshman political science major and civic education and community leadership minor. I currently work on-campus at the Secondary Education and Professional Programs office. I am a member of the BSC chapter of Free The Children and the Social Justice League. When I’m not busy with things here at BSC, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, occasionally watching episodes of The Office, and eating pad thai at the Chatta Box.  Connect With Me on  Twitter and Facebook!

Courtney Cormier (class of 2011)
I’m a junior at Bridgewater state college majoring in communications with a minor in psychology. I’m president of the Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter on my campus, I’m a student scholar who helps develop different methods for teachers to use while teaching, and lastly I am currently a student blogger who is hoping to help provide a map for future students.   Connect with me on Twitter!

Heidi Ohrenberger (class of 2013)
Major: Communications
Interests: Technology, pop culture, fashion, current events, conspiracy theories.
Social Media: TWITTER and FACEBOOK

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